Coonoor with its undulating hilly topography, coffee plantation, spice estates and small hamlets attract tourists in hordes especially in the sweltering heat of the summer. Some of the important facts and figures about Coonoor are listed in this page. Nilgiri Hills,Coonoor, Coonoor hill station, Coonoor Tourism, History of Coonoor, Visit Coonoor, Coonoor tour, Coonoor Hotels Perched in the undulating Nilgiri hills, it is located at a height of 1,800 meters above the mean sea level. The verdant green surroundings and its exquisite range of wild flowers and birds make this place a paradise for nature lovers and also the adventure seekers.

There is another thing worth mentioning about Coonoor and this refers to its sprawling tea plantations. In fact the whole mountainous region here smell of sweet tea leaves.
Any travel guide in Coonoor will tell you that bird watching would be the best thing to do in Coonoor since it also features an exotic range of birds such as cormorants, pipits, thrushes, parakeets, skylarks and Nilgiri verditer. Just don’t miss out the exciting toy train ride here as rail network here connects Coonoor with the rest of the hill stations of Coonoor.

History:For centuries, the Nilgiri hills have been the abode of Toda tribe. This magnificent hill spot was discovered by the British in the 19th century and they made it a popular summer retreat. They built their bungalows here and used to spend their vacations in Coonoor. Earlier, the rail network was only upto Mettupalayam from Chennai. Due to the endeavors of the British government, the railway line was constructed here in the year 1897 and since then has been a major source of transportation as well as entertainment here..

Best Season, Climate, and Clothing:Climate wise Coonoor remains pleasant throughout the year. The summers last from April to June and are mild and winters are very cold lasting from November to February. The ideal time to make a trip to Coonoor is from October to March. For the clothing, cottons would be best for the summers and light woolens would just be fine for the winters.

There are many interesting places to visit in Coonoor and the tourists are surely going to have a good time being here.

Population 50,079
Summer Max. 25°C, Min. 10°C
Winter Max. 21°C, Min. 5°C
Rainfall 121cms
Best Season April to June and September to November
Languages Badaga, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Hindi, and English
Clothing Heavy Woolen in winter/ Light Woolen in summer
Time 5.30 GMT
STD Code 0423
ISD Code +91

Sim’s Park: The park is situated in a deep ravine on the Northern side of Coonoor Railway Station at an elevation of 1768 to 1798 mts. The park can be divided into eight major sections. The natural shola with winding footpaths all over the higher slopes of the park is the most distinctive and picturesque feature of this park. This apart a number of individual tree specimens planted in a scattered fashion all over the place, lend a special charm to the park, specially when they bloom in different seasons throughout the year.

Pasteur Institute:Located opposite to the Sim’s Park, this institute was established in 1907. It is a famous Institute doing research on Rabbies and giving effective treatment to persons bitten by a rabid animals. One of the most important projects of this Institute is the manufacture of Polio Vaccine.

Pomological Station:This is one of the three experimental fruit gardens in the Nilgris maintained by the Horticultural Department. The other two are Burliar and Kallar on the Coonoor – Mettupalayam ghat road. Apples, Plums, Peaches, Persinments, Lemons, Apricots and Pomogranates are grown here for the purpose of research. Surplus fruits and fruit based jams are sold to the public.

Silk Rearing Station:Adjoining the Pasteur Institute there is a Silk Rearing Station maintained by the Central Silk Board. The Sericultural experts at this station may be contacted for special assistance.

Laws Falls:The Place is a beautiful picnic spot, situated at Coonoor-Mettupalayam Road at the distance of 7 Kms from Coonoor. The height of the falls is about 180 feet. There are vast stretches of undisturbed sholas and it is a paradise for Naturalists.

Lamb’s Rock:It is 8 Kms from Coonoor on the way to Dolphin’s Nose. It commands a grand view of the Coimbatore Plains. It is a favourite place for tourists.

Lady Caninng’s Seat:From Coonoor it is 9 Kms. It is marked by a small house and commands panoramic view of the tea estates and the plains.

Dolphin’s Nose:The view point is 10 Kms from the town. The Nose is a unique rock of tremendous proportions which looks like a Dolphin.

The Droog:This is also a picnic spot which is used by Tippu Sultan as an outpost. It is 15 Kms from Coonoor and stands 6000 feet high overlooking the plains. Three kilometers of trekking has to be done to reach the point.

Masinagudi:Masinagudi is 35 kms from Ooty and 18 kms from Coonoor. The drive beyond Masinagudi entails 35 hairpin bends and though these are very enjoyable drives, the trouble is, everyone else seems to think so too. Watch out therefore for maniacs coming tearing down from the opposite side. Masinagudi used to be an elephant corridor. So don’t be too surprised if you do see some wild tuskers on the road. Apart from the scenic beauty of the road, the drive through Masinagudi is charming in itself.

The road between Ooty and Coonor is quite forested with hills looming in the distance. Again, there are blind turns and you have to be very careful around the corners. There are a number of fabulous treks in Masinagudi. For refreshments, there are a number of delightful little tea and coffee shacks at Masinagudi.

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